Saturday 13th May 10am - 1pm


What we’ll do:

We’ll start with a focus on your hip joints and pelvis, exploring the delicacy and power of moving from your centre . You need to slow down for this bit, so you can tune in to what you’re doing and sensing. The Feldenkrais approach is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their functioning so whether you have previous injuries or currently experiencing discomfort these movement explorations may be for you. These movement puzzles help you feel more grounded and often leave you in a state of calm, readiness for action.

There will then be tasks to tune up your listening skills not just to yourself but to the space and those around you.

This is followed by structured improvisation tasks taking you into your own movement /dancing, in pairs and small groups, all accompanied and supported by Dan’s lovely playing.

Playfulness and curiosity are a requirement for the morning. Suitable for all levels and abilities.

What to bring:

You will need to wear comfy clothes to move in, no jeans or belts. There are dojo mats available but do bring a blanket/yoga mat if you know it will make you more comfortable.


Price includes refreshments at a mid morning break, teas, coffees, herbal teas, biscuits and fruit.

If the cost of the workshop is prohibitive to you but you would like to attend please get in touch with us.

Who we are:

Caroline Scott is a dance artist and Feldenkrais practitioner based in Hebden Bridge, where she sees people for hands on individual work as well as teaching weekly Zoom classes.

Dan Weaver is a musician/artist who has worked for many years performing, composing and teaching, music, art and theatre. He is also a trained psychotherapist working in Transactional Analysis.