Atlas Bridge
Celtic acoustic and folk

Sunday September 24 7.30pm 


Becky Taylor: Uilleann pipes, Northumbrian Smallpipes, Whistles, Mandolin.
Madeline Andrew: Vocals, 5-string Banjo, Guitar, Bodhran, Whistle.
Steve Lacey: Guitar, Vocals.

Expect engaging, high energy, lively tune sets interspersed with thought-provoking songs.

Acoustic trio Atlas Bridge draws on shared love of good tunes, good songs and a willingness to keep the show on the road no matter what. Their name, with its roots from Greek mythology for the Atlantic Ocean or Atlantis Sea, echoes the bridge and deep-rooted musical connections between Irish and other Celtic folk traditions and the Americana/Appalachian music and song that is reflected in their repertoire. With a multitude of different instruments between them and a fresh approach to more familiar material as well as vocal variety, there is plenty here to captivate, entertain and enjoy.

Yorkshire’s Becky Taylor is one of the most respected female Uilleann pipers of her generation, as well as being an accomplished Northumbrian smallpiper and multi-instrumentalist. In demand as a solo performer, session musician and teacher, her unique sound, broad repertoire and all-round musical versatility ensured she is renowned on the folk scene and beyond.

“.. probably one of the greatest exponents on the Irish pipes in England today…she’s a musical genius and a lovely, lovely, lovely player…” 
Mike Harding, The Mike Harding Folk Show

“…Becky’s musicianship emerges fresh every time…sparky, much alive and of constant interest…” FRoots

Steve Lacey (guitar, vocals) moved to Yorkshire in the mid-nineties and soon stumbled across the local Irish music scene and quickly became hooked! Over the years since he has played in numerous bands and is often found at music sessions and festivals countrywide. Steve contributes to the rhythm section of Atlas Bridge providing driving and inventive DADGAD-tuned guitar

Madeline Andrew began her journey into Folk music whilst in her teens, then after a musical break, returned to her love of performing. She was introduced to the versatility of 5-string banjo around this time and has not looked back – falling in love with traditional Appalachian claw hammer style playing and the ability to interweave it into other more local songs and styles. The fusion of these styles is one of the priorities within Atlas Bridge.

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