Saturday Jan 21st, 5-8pm

Pay as you feel, suggested donation £5

...or just turn up on the day

Blood Bone Breath is a living installation in which performers Hollie Miller, Hannah Buckley and musician Craig Scott follow their senses to navigate intimacy, agency and being in relation to another being. Imagery immerges and disappears in cycles of desire, resting, holding and metamorphosis.

You are invited into the red space to experience a constant folding and unfolding, where movement, sound and image meet as a way to prioritise softness, slowing down and deep listening. 

Make yourselves comfortable – stay as long as you’d like. 

This is a relaxed performance where you are welcome to come and go.

Drinks will be available.

Children welcome.

“This collaboration is a highly textured one- full of contours, stretch, fiber and adaptability.”

Amy Voris

“As time passes in the presence of this work, my body softens and opens to curiosity. Where are we? Are they human? Am I inside a human?”

Fabiano Culora

“Communicates mystery, surrender, discovery, endurance and other qualities I can’t name!”

Wendy Houston