Wainsgate has been a much loved place to gather for over 250 years.

The building attracts visitors of all ages from the local communities and from much further afield, drawing people with diverse backgrounds and interests to its varied programme of activities.

The whole building is brought to life for events like the Wadsworth Walking Market, Open Studios  and Heritage Open Days, with things happening in all of the different rooms, including organ recitals, films, concerts, food and drink to create an atmosphere of celebration and community.

Large and ever-increasing numbers of enthusiastic visitors come through the doors to participate.

Wainsgate has a special relationship with Old Town Primary School and the children participate in numerous dance related activities and other events such as the annual Christingle service in the chapel.

Wainsgate also continues to build relationships with Wadsworth Community Centre, Old Town Cricket Club and other community stakeholders to help to nurture more cohesion and to come together with others to be part of building a more vibrant and active community life for the area.