The Friends of Wainsgate is a voluntary group of committed, experienced and enthusiastic local people who take care of the day to day running of Wainsgate.

We are working with Historic Chapels Trust to build a sustainable and vibrant future for the building and its grounds, and one which continues to develop and celebrate its place in the heart of the surrounding community.

At the core of our work is the care, restoration and regeneration of the building.

Our current priorities include making the building more accessible, so that more people can access the different events that happen here, continuing to build a programme which serves local communities as well as bringing people from further afield thus building Wainsgate’s growing reputation as a significant centre for arts whilst attracting multiple sources of income to ensure its future.

Our ethos is about creating something sustainable from the ground up; building relationships and engaging with different communities; centering the arts as a means of bringing people together in meaningful, inclusive, and life-affirming encounters which explore multiple themes including our relationship to the histories of the building and the area surrounding it.

Wainsgate is doing something unique. It is becoming known nationally and internationally as an centre of arts activity with internationally renowned artists performing and offering workshops here. It is simultaneously engaging with, developing, and embedded in its local community.

Wainsgate is attracting visitors from far and wide who contribute to the local economy by staying in local B&B’s, buying local produce and advocating for what happens at Wainsgate and in the local area.


Amanda Allan; Eddy Beasley; Julie Cockburn; Carol Hayward; Andrea Holmes (Teasurer); Rob Hopper;  Jane Morriss; Charlie Morrissey; Dave Nelson (Chair); Jill Penny; Patricia Skeet (Secretary);  Caren Thompson;