Goat Girl

Friday 22 March 8pm £16.50 BUY TICKETS

Lottie Pendlebury: vocals, guitar, violin, banjo, bass, synth, mellotron, taishogoto, percussion, organ
Rosy Jones: vocals, drums, piano, banjo, guitar, synth, mellotron, taishogoto, percussion
Holly Mullineaux: vocals, bass, piano, synth, mellotron, taishogoto, percussion

Wainsgate Music is delighted and very excited to welcome the extraordinary Goat Girl to the Chapel. Often described as post-punk, their music is so much more – effortlessly blending rock, folk, synth-pop and more into their highly approachable socio-political songs which are delivered with heaps of style, wit and energy.

The band played their earliest gigs in The Windmill, Brixton naming themselves after comedian Bill Hicks’ character ‘Goat Boy’. They signed a deal with Rough Trade Records in 2016, and put out couple of singles prior to the release of their debut self-titled album two years later.

Their highly acclaimed 2nd album On All Fours came out in 2021 and now the band are touring the UK in March to promote their latest LP Below the Waste to be released on Rough Trade Records in June.

Goat Girl’s approach to Below the Waste is confident and mature, whilst maintaining a playful sense of curiosity and wonderment. Delving deeper into the extremes of their distinctive sound, the band weave effortlessly between disparate elements of expansive noise-rock, delicate folk experimentation and satisfying synth-pop, their unique combination of styles and unorthodox recording methods is a testament to their new collaborative production style.

There is no doubt that Below the Waste is Goat Girl’s most accomplished work to date, and in their boldest iteration yet, they have become the most powerful and authentic version of themselves.