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Contact improvisation. Floorwork. Improvisation.

In this 1 day workshop we will dance with the floor, with ourselves and together with each other. We will improvise and we will learn some ‘moves’, and sequences of movement that help our bodies to move smoothly and easily on, across, into and out of the floor. These movements we learn are also contain principles which serve coming into connection with another body/ other bodies.

Developing an understanding of the moving body in relation to gravity, space and to other bodies. Integrating floor-work techniques, Improvisational practices and Contact Improvisation to open new pathways and possibilities through the body. By providing tools to build up a functional understanding of the moving body in solo and with others, we can then find greater freedom to explore our own being through movement, and connecting to others through movement with clarity and awareness and precision.  

Building up a toolkit of elements to play with, we will then apply them in to structured scores. Creating a broad experience of dancing and moving that will help to access more freedom and playfulness in jam spaces and beyond… 

Serious Playtime.


Hugh is a Contemporary Dance Artist specialising in Floorwork & Contact Improvisation. He has over 15 years of  teaching & performance experience. He began dancing when he was 15, training in Break dance and Contemporary. He went on to train at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, graduating in 2008. Since then he has worked with companies such as 2Faced Dance, Tom Dale, STAN Won’t Dance, and Wim Vandekeybus/Ultima Vez. 

He has taught internationally at the Goa Contact Festival, Goa Dance residency, Thailand Contact and ecstatic arts festival, Berlin contact festival and Portugal Contact festival and for National Dance company Wales (NDCW) as well as organising his own workshops and retreats in Portugal, Germany and Israel. 

Within his teaching practice he combines his experience in Breakdance, Contemporary and Contact Improvisation to create a highly physical, technical and intuitive  approach to movement exploration.

He is also a qualified TMW (Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing) facilitator. The principles of Tai Chi and Qi Kung underpin his approach to teaching and sharing movement.

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