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Following their performance of We are (nothing) everything on Friday 17 May, Makisig and Anya will lead a two-day workshop.
Through our ongoing dance research of queer love centered survival practices this workshop is a re-entry into the question
“What can we do together that we cannot do alone?”
What if inviting otherness/queerness can give us the space necessary to find, decide, construct, destroy, reinvent, and take-on expanding ways of being and inhabiting the multiplicity of you, me, and we?
We will work with falling into failure onwards from failure into the beginning, radical solo body readiness, discerning risk-taking, soft disoriented expansiveness, ways of being tethered, holding/beholding/being held, searching for that which is delicious, loverhood, endurance practices, getting lost, switching, touch, celebrating, and more.
We will keep re-inventing ways to be wet and pleased. We will build skills for navigating around that which has potential to be fatal. We invite you to take a journey with us — of falling in love —that changes us in ways that might give us more capacity in the world.
What is possible when love is stronger than fear?
We will practice taking care as we traverse the complex `realities of being racialized and gendered bodies in relationship with one another. This will be a queer, trans, and BIPoC centered space.
Through our intersectional identities, we will draw on practices of the basic fundamentals of Traditional Northern Style Kung Fu Chinese Martial Arts, contact improvisation, improvisation, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Feldenkrais®, dance making, activism and how these ideologies can be implemented in our dancing bodies.
The workshop will be taught in spoken English and is open to all levels and abilities. There will be durational scored improvisational dancing practices that include physical contact, disorientation, momentum, impact, and resting.
This workshop will train our reflexes, developing fast decision making and utilizing how to move with more understanding of how the floor/environment can support us. There will also be options/adaptations as needed.
The research material also includes building skills and practices of agency, consent, touch, positionality, generosity, endurance, risk-taking, decision-making, and collaboration. We will develop our individual and collective capacity through dancing and verbal discussion. Let’s deeply sensitize and activate our dancing capacities as humans from many different orientations.
Let’s keep finding strategies to be softly hardcore.
We will DANCE.