“The best party in town”

Sasha Roubicek

Open Practice Online was an hour for dancing, for eating toast, drinking coffee, doing your ironing, laughing, crying, whatever you needed from wherever you were, and in the company of others without having to pay them too much attention, but just knowing that they were there.

It ran every weekday for 6 months every through the second lockdown.

Hundreds of people from all over the country and many from across the world danced over 4000 individual hours of dancing, and became morning companions during an otherwise isolated moment in time.

The online version of Open Practice ended with a joyous  12 hour marathon session.

You can find all the playlists online on Spotify here

The funds from Open Practice went towards paying music artists via BandCamp and funding artists residencies at Wainsgate.

Below are some of the things people said about their experience of it:

We are making a little book about Open Practice Online, so keep your eyes peeled for more news soon…