“Wainsgate dances gave me a much needed space to experiment with ideas in an unprecious, generous environment, the space, the people and in gorgeous countryside for beautiful walks. The studio is an inspiring space, comfortable and light. I was able to really go into a process without any pressure. A rich and meaningful experience. Thank you!!!”

Florence Peake

At the heart of Wainsgate Dances programme are its artists residencies. The artists, ideas, interactions with other artists and local audiences generates a huge amount of creativity and engagement.

Our residency programme sees a diverse selection of artists come to research and explore their work – often at a a crucial early stage in its development. Wainsgate – located as it is, down a quiet track with views of the surrounding hills, offers a concentrated, peaceful and supportive space in which to begin a creative process away from the distractions and pressures of the city.

Resident artists often share this work in informal showings to get a sense of how it feels to put some first ideas in front of friendly and curious eyes. Sharing the work in this way also gives local residents opportunities to engage with dance and choreographers as their work is being created, and offers a great window into how, why and for who dance work is made.

Artists in residence have included:

Markéta Stránská; Kate Brown, Seke Chimutengwende, Katye Coe, Vanessa Grasse, Hannah BuckleyAlexandrina Hemsley, Wendy Houstoun, Samir Kennedy, Bun Kobayashi, Nicola Singh; Leah Marojević, Florence Peake, Bakani Pick-Up, Anushiye Yarnell; Theo Clinkard; Roberta Jean; Claricia Parinusa; Neil Callaghan; Janina Rajakangas; Lucy Suggate; Gillie Kleiman; Crystal Zilwood; Grace Surman; Jane Mason

These residencies have been made possible, at different times by the support of Arts Council England, Sadlers Wells and all those who danced and donated through Open Practice Online.

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Throughout 2022-23, a fantastic group of artists have been in residence. These artists have been proposed by past residents, and the programme is made possible with support from Arts Council England and through a new partnership with Sadlers Wells.

Artists include: Connor Scott; Serafine1369; Inari Hulkkonen; Áine Reynolds; Olive Hardy; Katye Coe; Pepa Ubera; Madinah Farhannah-Thompson; Eve Stainton; Patricia Okenwa; George Fellows; Kate Brown & Lauren Potter; Julie Cunningham & Company; Temitope Ajose-Cutting; Natifah White and Cooperative Dance with Bun Kobayashi, Alejandra Gissler, Théïa Maldoom and Annie Edwards.

Wainsgate Dances Residencies offer a rare space for artists to begin to develop ideas and work away from urban centres in a non-presurised and artist led environment. Often the residencies end in the sharing of work to local residents and visitors from further afield.


Many of the works begun at Wainsgate go on to be performed in venues across Europe including, The Victoria and Albert Museum, The National Gallery in London; The Baltic in Gateshead; Schwere Reiter and Muffathalle in Munich; Cable Factory in Helsinki; Turner Contemporary in Margate, and many others

Some past residents...

“Wainsgate is a brilliant context to make dance work in and I cherish my time there. Whether you are working alone or with collaborators, in the context of the UKs dance ecology, Wainsgate
Dances provides a much needed space for reflection and intensive practice with few distractions.”
Roberta Jean – residency artist