An exhibition of textile art patchworked and embroidered by Sue Wood

August 18th – 26th 2024 – opening times 11am – 5pm

“Luna’s Landing was the first patchwork quilt I managed to finish.

As she landed the idea that she was the first of 13 took hold and I set out to make a textile from all 13 points of view.

It took me 20 years, sometimes working on more than one at once, and mostly with impressions of the next ones long before I began making them. Patchwork and embroidery is my method because sewing and bits of material are what I had to begin with. And because in this process are layers and layers of connection to others including the natural world where fabric has origins. Then there are backs, fronts, sides, middles and innards to explore and which hold stuff differently.

Patchwork is instantly about relationships, about limits, lines, joins, extensions, boundaries, how to recognise and negotiate them, make them, use them, break them.

Luna’s Landing broke established rules at once in using mixed fabrics that might bleed if washed, that pulled, didn’t keep their shape, patterns that skewed tradition, and laid down a template of individual/society/universe.

I approach my work in a what do you have to teach me this time manner, what are you about, how come, and notice the metaphors and analogies that are expressed. Who I am, what I can do and why, as well as how to cope with the tragedy, trauma, comedy and crap that being human continually throws up for self, community, earth, universe is challenged in this and turned into something helpful and encouraging. In the work I find moments of calm and joy amongst the minutiae and the big picture and can then keep going.

I am most grateful to Wainsgate Chapel for the opportunity to share my work with you.”

Sue Wood