Wadsworth Environment Group was formed in 2004 as part of The Parish Plan. Their aim is to make Wadsworth a more attractive place to live in by carrying out environmental projects.


They are funded through local grants, occasional fund-raising events, and a small membership subscription of £2.50. The group is run by a Management Committee who meet regularly throughout the year to plan activities in Wadsworth and associate members. These include bulb planting, litter-picking, and wildlife conservation projects. Most of the activities take place for a few hours at weekends and are supplemented by small social events two or three times a year.


The group has been managing the graveyard* at Wainsgate Chapel since 2007 as part of Yorkshire Wildlife’s Living Churchyard Project. The group commissioned a wildlife survey which found that the graveyard was already home to 70 species of plant, 21 types of bird and 9 varieties of butterfly. It is now managed to encourage the growth of native flora and fauna whilst retaining its primary purpose as a burial ground. So far, we have tidied large areas, created a hay meadow, put up bird and bat boxes and built a compost facility for grass mowing and degradable waste.


If you would like to become a full member of the group, or you can simply spare a few hours in the course of a year to help with specific activities, you would be very welcome.


See contact details below.


*The day to day care of the graveyard is taken care of by the hugely energetic and dedicated volunteer Tom Finch. You’ll find him there most days and in all kinds of weather, and he’s usually happy to chat to you, so go and say hello!


Wadsworth Environment Group decided around 10 years ago to do something practical locally to help the bees. The founding members went on the beekeeping course run by Halifax Beekeepers Association, raised some money from the Co-op Community Fund to get started and buy the kit, and became the proud Carers of a colony of bees.


Community activity


We run our apiaries as a community activity. The members share the responsibility and, when there is a surplus on the hives, have a share of the honey crop too.


During the season, from approximately April to September, there are regular inspections of the colonies.


Over the winter months, there is less to do, sorting out and cleaning up kit, treating for varroa and brushing snow off the hives to keep the entrances clear.


We have regular meetings during the season to plan and help co-ordinate our activities. We also attend a few local events in Wadsworth and we had a stall at Midgely Show again this year.


New members welcomed

We would welcome new members to our group. If you or your children want to come and have a look at the bees, to see if it’s an activity you would enjoy, we have suits to borrow, including some for young people.


Please get in touch if I you would be interested in meeting the bees, and perhaps joining our group.




Marcella Walsh – [email protected]